Important Notes

Portugal is a Member State of the European Community in the south of Europe and Lisbon is its Capital with ca. 2.000.000 inhabitants (Latitude 38º 42` N – Longitude 9º 05` West).
The national currency is the Euro €.

Our Routes

Our routes are located in the south of the country where the climate is mostly Mediterranean and the time zone is GMT. Our three tours Flow with the Guadiana River, The Alentejo Coast and Odeceixe – the unexpected Algarve were planned having a sunny and warm weather in mind. However before any trip FreeFlow will take into account the season of the year and will give you some suggestions for your best comfort and safety.


The Portuguese cuisine, of Mediterranean characteristics is much diversified and during our bike tours you will find many typical restaurants where you can enjoy excellent menus.
The average price of the meals per person is around 20€ for lunch and 30€ for dinner

Tips for your luggage

  • One t-shirt/lycra per day
  • Two pairs of shorts
  • One waterproof jacket
  • One pair of rubber slippers
  • One pair of tennis shoes (to pedal)
  • Another pair of comfortable shoes
  • Plenty of comfortable socks
  • Hat/Cap
  • One pair of comfortable trousers
  • One sweater/long sleeve
  • Sunglasses
  • Personal hygiene items (small sized are preferred - these things are heavy!)
  • One beach towel (small)
  • Bikini/Trunks
  • Camera (remember to bring charger/extra batteries as well)
  • Sun protector (High SPF)
  • Cycle Shorts with padding 

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