Lisbon...a city of feelings



Lisbon is a city with more than 800 years of history where several cultures, religions and uses blend in a cosmopolitan atmosphere.

This city of contrasts where the modern and the classic go hand in hand has a unique atmosphere that you will not resist.

Lisbon is the country capital since the XIII century after the Christians conquered it to the Moors. This city has an excellent location called the “entrance to Europe” which was paramount for the glory times of the maritime expansion.

After the earthquake of 1755 the city was rebuilt by Marquês de Pombal with a very specific architecture that is still visible in the entire city centre.

There is a lot to see in Lisbon and its cultural patrimony with several examples being classified as World Heritage Site by UNESCO like the “Fado” that recently received that honourable classification by UNESCO.

Lisbon doesn’t stop day and night and offers a wide variety of places to visit and experiences to share in a unique and unforgettable atmosphere.



Brasil - Brasília -3h
France - Paris +1h
Germany - Bonn +1h
Holland - Amsterdam +1h
Italy - Rome +1h
Norway - Oslo +1h
South Africa  - Cape Town +2h
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Eletrico de Lisboa


In Lisbon, the winter is mild and the summer is hot but moderate due to the sea proximity. In spring and autumn there are many sunny and warm days.


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