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Best way to get to know                                              

Travelling by bike is probably the best way to get to know all the aspects of the country you are travelling in. Being an open top vehicle and moving at a lazy like speed, cycling gives you the opportunity to enjoy the breeze, the heat of the sun and the characteristic scents of the places you are travelling through.
Portugal is an ideal country for cycle tourism, with an almost flat terrain, good secondary roads with low traffic, a beautiful landscape and a breathtaking sea coast. To which we must add the friendly people and the mouth watering gastronomy and wines that can be found along the country.


Why travel with us?   

Our team has several years of experience in cycling tours along the coast and the interior Alentejo.
We know excellent points of interest and paths of unique characteristics that cross natural parks with beautiful landscapes.
Our programs are flexible and adapted to each client always seeking to meet your needs and wishes.
Our equipment is of high quality for the tours we propose. The bicycles are duly equipped for the chosen paths, with multi-purpose tires, comfortable saddles and bags.
Our team is passionate about their work, dedicated to our clients and we also fulfil all the legal and safety requirements.


Safety, an important matter

Like in any leisure and sports activity safety is an important matter. All the safety and security measures must be taken into consideration to avoid and minimise any problems. It is mandatory the use of a cycling helmet also following the road code is a must to guarantee the safety of all the road users.


Important tips

Portugal is a member of the European Union, its located in the south west of Europe in fact it is the most western country in Europe . With a population of 2.000.000 soles Lisbon is the capital city. Whatever you buy you will pay in Euros, major credit and debit cards are accepted and a wide network of ATM machines is available.

Anyway is a good way to get to Portugal, served by three International Airports, Lisbon, Oporto and Faro. These airports have flights from and to most major cities in Europe and America. Being Portugal a sought after holiday location it is easy to find flights at very competitive prices. If you chose to come by train there are international train connections at the main cities and from there to most areas of the country and by car you will find in Portugal a very good road infrastructure. Bicycles can be transported in the Regional trains but for more detailed information we suggest you visit the CP – Portuguese railway company website(link below).

A cycling holiday in Portugal will give you memories that will last forever. The endless planes of Alentejo, medieval cities, large cosmopolitan cities, rivers and a stunning coast line with beaches to die for, all this can be taken in and appreciated at the relaxing speed of a bike ride where at every second will savour an unforgettable experience.



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