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Get to know a different Portugal cycling and walking with FreeFlow
Portugal Bike and Hiking Tours

FreeFlow promotes and offers the most exclusive Bike Tours and Walking Holidays in Portugal for nature lovers and cycle enthusiasts. The aim is to have as much fun as possible with maximum safety and quality services and equipment.


Cycling Tours

Enjoy Portugal by cycling the beautiful coast from Tróia to Lagos. Observe its exuberant landscape, explore the many picturesque places, and meet the people and its reknown hospitality. Most of the tracks take place in the Sudoeste Alentejano e Costa Vicentina Nature Park, a protected area with vast white sand beaches and typical fishing harbours. The beautiful landscape has a diversified flora and fauna, being an elected place for various birds species. More bike tours in Portugal.
Experience the allure of the Algarve by biking its stunning south coast. Traverse golden beaches, charming towns, and coastal landscapes. Over 6 days, delve into the Algarve's cultural and natural heritage, from historic Lagos and Silves to serene Odeceixe and Arrifana beaches.
Immerse in the Douro Valley's rich history and natural beauty, a world-renowned wine region. Pedal amidst rolling vineyards, visit traditional estates, and relish panoramic Douro River views. This 6-day cycling tour blends wine tastings, local gastronomy, and mesmerizing landscapes.
Venture along Portugal's north coast, discovering wild beaches, dense forests, and historic cities. This 9-day tour takes you from Porto to Obidos, showcasing coastal vistas and cultural landmarks. Enjoy challenging trails and savour the north coast delectable cuisine.
Embrace the Alentejo coast's beauty with a unique cycling and walking tour. Over 6 days, explore the lush landscapes, picturesque villages, and pristine beaches of the Southwest Alentejo and Vicentine Coast Natural Park. Witness the region's diverse flora and fauna, making it a must-visit destination for nature enthusiasts.
Alentejo and Algarve Coast: Embark on a gravel bike adventure along the historic paths of the Rota Vicentina, uncovering stunning beaches and incredible vistas. Navigate technical trails, pass through enchanting villages, and relish comfortable accommodations. This 6-day tour epitomizes the perfect blend of adventure, culture, and nature in Portugal.

Road Bike

Explore a breathtaking 8-day coastal bike tour from Tróia to Lagos. Immerse in scenic landscapes, meet hospitable locals, relish Mediterranean cuisine, and traverse through the picturesque Sudoeste Alentejano e Costa Vicentina Nature Park.
Embark on a thrilling Atlantic cycling journey connecting Porto, Lisbon, and Sintra. Explore Portugal's diverse beauty, from bustling cities to scenic coastal views, and immerse in its rich heritage visiting UNESCO sites and tasting delightful local cuisine.
Embark on an adventurous gravel bike tour through historical paths of Rota Vicentina, exploring picturesque villages and enjoying stunning coastal views. Relish comfortable lodging and delicious breakfasts amidst the natural beauty of Alentejo and Algarve Coast.


Embark on a self-guided walking program along one of Europe's most beautiful coasts. Discover diverse landscapes and fauna on the Rota Vicentina, indulge in mouth-watering Portuguese gastronomy, and relax in comfortable rural accommodation. The Vicentine Coast is not just a challenge, but a way of living.
Discover the Algarve's breathtaking cliffs and hidden beaches on this guided hiking tour. Explore charming villages, dine in cosy restaurants, and soak up beautiful landscapes, all while mingling with friendly locals in this captivating corner of Portugal.
Embark on a self-guided walking adventure along the stunning Rota Vicentina Coast in Portugal. Discover diverse landscapes, indulge in delectable local gastronomy, and relax in cozy rural accommodations. Experience the unique way of living on the Vicentine Coast through this enriching program.
Hiking Tour Portugal. This is when your adventure begins... On this program you will walk through the Natural Park of Vicentine Coast where you can find different types of flora and fauna, and the most beautiful beaches and views! To this you add the local gastronomy, the excellent Portuguese wines, and extremely comfortable rural accommodation. The last trail of this program catches a little bit of the Algarve coast, and so you will get to see a completely different landscape, but as breath taking as the first ones!
The main aim of this walking tour program is to offer the participants a chance to know one of the most beautiful coasts of Europe. The Rota Vicentina offers a big variety of fauna and flora, and diverse landscapes that will definitly catch your attention!
Rejuvenate your body and spirit on the cliffs of Portugal's Algarve coast through a blend of serene walks and yoga. Explore charming villages, savor local cuisine, and enhance your wellness amidst breathtaking landscapes. This program offers a unique blend of Hatha Yoga, meditation, and Tibetan Sound Healing for a holistic experience.

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Craig and Christine

"Christine and I returned to Australia last Thursday. We want to thank youfor our excellent bike tour. Christine and I are planning to return to your company and join anotherride.Thank you."

United Kingdom

"I absolutely loved my walking holiday! Thank you very much for organising everything - very well done!I do hope I will come back to Portugal one day :). Many thanks.."

United Kingdom

Firstly, thank you for a wonderful trip. We all had a great time and loved seeing rural Portugal. The bikes were great, the route was incredibly easy to follow and well signposted, and the hotels were exactly what we needed after a good day’s riding.


"The bike ride was really perfect, including the guide and hotelaccommodation. We will happily recommend this trip to friends...! Many thanks also for the photo."


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