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Terms and Conditions

Security and liability
As any other leisure and sport activity, cycling and walking involves risks that can cause personal injury and damage to property. Everyone should be aware of the conditions herein and accept the terms and conditions of each program as well as guarantee that they are physically fit to take part in these activities.
The risks can be minimized with the compliance of the security norms and respect for the program rules.
The use of helmet is compulsory and the traffic rules should be respected taking into account the special rules for bicycles.

Reservations and payments
The reservations are made through our website and include a down-payment of 250€ per person. The final payment should be made 30 days prior to the beginning of the Tour. The bank transfer costs are at customer’s expense.

Cancellation Policy 
The amounts paid will be returned according to the rules set bellow:

Until 30 days before the beginning of the tour, FreeFlow will return the entire amount paid except for 100 € (cancellation fee).
Until 30 days to 15 days before the trip, FreeFlow will return 50% of the amount paid.
For cancellations made less than 15 days before the Tour date there will be no refunds.

Note: FreeFlow will analyze each cancellation case and try to find a solution in terms of date and program that will meet the needs of both parties.

The touristic animation activities and the events organized by FreeFlow Lda. are in conformity with the legal standards in force and are covered by the following insurances:

Liability insurance
Liability insurance – “Liberty Seguros” Policy Nr.095/00230104

Capital of the policy - 50.000 €

Personal accident
Personal accident insurance – “Liberty Seguros” Policy Nr.027/00013643
Death/Permanent disability - 20.000 €
Expenses of treatment/repatriation - 3.500 €
Funeral expenses - 3.000 €
Medical Assistance in Portugal
Medical assistance abroad

It does not include travel insurance.

FreeFlow will store any extra luggage that clients want to bring, receiving it at the beginning of the tour and returning it at the end, in Lisbon.

Since the programs are conditioned by the tourist offer of the season and also the climate conditions, FreeFlow reserves the right to make any appropriate changes to the routes or programs whenever necessary.

The services provided are only those mentioned on the FreeFlow website.

The GPS tracks are only for indication/orientation purposes. They should not be followed if they run too close to the cliffs or do not respect pedestrian and traffic signs.