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  • 9 days Tour - 7 days cycling
  • Difficulty: medium


9 nights - 3*/4* Hotels and Charming


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Cycling from Porto to Óbidos - Bike Tour Portugal

On this tour you will get to know part of the Portuguese coast, that varies from cliffs, sand dunes, beaches and typical fishermen villages. Throughout the different phases of this week, you'll have the opportunity to learn about our culture and try our incredible gastronomy. Besides all this, many landscapes and villages will make this an unforgettable experience for you!
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Uncover the hidden gems of the North Coast with every turn of the wheel.

Feel the allure of the open road calling as you cycle through picturesque landscapes.


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 Day by Day

 Day 1 - Porto - Reception and briefing 

Meeting with the guests at the hotel for the briefing. 

Welcome to Porto, a city full of mysticism. Take the rest of the day off to experience the city, taste the food, go to the top of the hills to see the superb view and interact with the lovely people. Your journey starts here. Porto its known for its wines, the many bridges that cross the river, the gastronomy, the old and contemporary architecture, and let's not forget - its World Heritage by UNESCO! 

Places to visit: Luís I bridge, Lello bookstore, Clérigos church, Bolsa palace, Gardens of the Crystal Palace, Music House, Aliados Avenue, Cais da Ribeira, Bolhão market, Ribeirinha area, try Port Wine and a Francesinha 

Accommodation in Porto -  HF Tuela Porto or similar

 Day 2 - From Porto to Furadouro 45 KM


This track starts in Porto, follows the river side and crosses the D.Luís Bridge. Moving south, you will pass by many points of interest. The path is peaceful and mostly plain, shifting from bicycle paths and secundary roads. Enjoy this day to have a relaxed ride.

Places to visit: Furadouro Beach

Accommodation in Porto - Furadouro Furadouro Hotel or similar 

 Day 3 - From Furadouro to Aveiro 40 KM


When leaving Furadouro, for a big part of the track you'll cycle along the Aveiro Channel. In the fishermen village of São Jacinto, catch the boat to cross the channel, and enjoy this breath-taking 15 min ride. On the other side of the bank, hop back on your bike and ride to Aveiro, where this day finishes. Aveiro has beautiful channels with the typical boats, and the city is incredibly gorgeous! Make sure you try "ovos-moles", one of the best typical desserts. 

Places to visit: Costa Nova and Barra beaches, Aveiro Lighthouse, Moliceiro trip on the Aveiro channel

Accommodation in Aveiro - Hotel Las Americas or similar 

 Day 4 - From Aveiro to Praia de Mira 38 KM


This short cycling day takes you to Praia de Mira. You can visit the beach Vagueira (km 23) or simply arrive early to Mira beach and enjoy the beach that is right in front of the Hotel.

Places to visit: Vagueira and Mira beaches

Accommodation in Praia de Mira  Hotel Maçarico

Day 5 - From Praia de Mira to Figueria da Foz 54 KM


This is the longest track, but it is a chill one, so don't be alarmed! Once again, when leaving Aveiro, the track will take you along the beautiful channel for a while, and at the end you will arrive at the Mira beach. Next, follow paths in between olive groves until you reach the area of Quiaios, where the climb up the Serra da Boa Viagem starts. The climb will require a little effort, but it will be worth it once you see the amazing view from up above! Now the only way is down, and this day finishes at Figuera da Foz. Enjoy to get some sun at the beach!

Places to visit: Figueira beach, Soto Maior Palace, Cabo Mondego viewpoint, Engenheiro Silva Market

Accommodation in Figueira da Foz - Universal Boutique Hotel or similar 

 Day 6 - From Figueira da Foz to S. Pedro de Moel 65 KM


Another beautiful and calm day to enjoy the small villages and pretty beaches. Leaving town requires a little care, as the bridge over the Mondego River has some traffic, but other than that, this day is to purely appreciate. The main points of this track are the Pedrogão and Vieira beaches. 

Places to visit: Norte and Nazaré beaches, Nazaré Lighthouse

Accommodation in São Pedro de Moel - Hotel Mar e Sol or similar

Day 7 - From São Pedro de Moel to Nazaré 23 KM


Nazaré, the Women of the Seven Skirts and the Big Waves. On festive days the women of Nazaré wear seven skirts. The locals say they represent seven virtues, the seven days of the week, the seven colours of the rainbow and the seven waves of the sea.
Another recent attraction of Nazaré is its waves, known worldwide for their enormous size. The record of the largest wave ever surfed belongs to the wave of Nazaré. 

Places to visit: Nazaré beach, North Beach, village

Accommodation in Nazaré - Hotel Magic

 Day 8 - Nazaré to Óbidos 45 KM


This last day is extremely interesting! On the path to Óbidos we highlight Nazaré and São Martinho do Porto, where the sea forms a seashell shaped bay. Nazaré is still one of the most typical fishing villages, with a tradition of drying the fish in the sun. Spot the ladies that still wear the typical dresses, they have 7 skirts! 

This is the track with the most ups and downs, but without any major difficulties. The way between Venda Nova and São Martinho do Porto follows an outstanding view over the cliff. Lastly, Óbidos will definitly catch your attention, as it is a village built within the walls of an old castle, that still remains a lot as it it was! Grab a chocolat cup and try their sweet and typical drink - Ginginha. This medieval village is, without a question, the perfect spot to end this trip! 

Places to visit: Óbidos village and castle, Porta da Nossa Senhora da Piedade, medieval market, drink a Ginginha in a chocolat cup

Accommodation in Óbidos - Hotel the Literary Man or similar

 Day 9 - Back to Lisbon

Start the day by saying goodbye to your trusted bicycles and leave to the bus station (2 minutes walk from the hotel). Now it's time to go back to Lisbon, an opportunity to seat down and enjoy the Portuguese landscape, only now in an effortless way. 

In Lisbon you will stay in a central hotel, and the city is now your canvas to do whatever you feel like.

Lisbon is the capital of Portugal and the centre of a multifaceted region that appeals to different tastes and senses. In a city that has been receiving many and different cultures from far and wide distances over time, today you can still feel the village breath on every historical neighbourhood. You can walk through the grid of streets in Baixa Pombalina that opens to the Praça do Comércio and, following the river, get to know some of the most beautiful places in the city: the monumental area of Belém with World Heritage monuments, medieval neighbourhoods, and also areas with more recent or contemporary leisure facilities, such as the Parque das Nações and the Docks. 

Places to visit: Belém Tower, Jerónimos Monastery, Padrão do Descobrimentos, São Jorge Castle, Praça do Comércio, Chiado, Parque das Nações

Accommodation in Lisbon - Hotel Mirapaque or similar


1,450€ per person
4 or more people - 1.350€ per person
(July and August price upon request)

Single Supplement 475€
Minimum 2 people (sharing a double/twin)
Hybrid bikes fee 50€
e-bikes - 225€ per bike

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Map of the Tour


  • Accommodation 9 nights - 3*/4* Hotels and Charming Lodge

  • Luggage transport from accommodation to accommodation

  • Bicycle (Hybrid bikes), Bags, Helmet and Road Book

  • Assistance during the 7 cycling days

  • GPS device with tracks

  • Personal accident Insurance

  • Bus ticket from Óbidos  to Lisbon 


Easy - Very few hills and the existing hills are not steep.
Medium - Some hills that are not steep or only few hills but steep.
Difficult - Several hills of all types.

The participants should take into account the terrain and the km/miles of each route and be sure to check in advance that they are in good physical condition to do it.


Ignite your passion for cycling and explore the untouched beauty of the North Coast.

Experience the freedom of cycling amidst the tranquil beauty of the North Coast.


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