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  • Cycling;
  • Hybrid Bike;
  • E Bike.


  • 7 days Tour - 5 days cycling;
  • Difficulty: medium.


6 nights - 4* Hotels and Charming


From 1,055€

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The Atlantic Way

Cycle trough our nature and discover our coast! The Atlantic Way is a cycling tour that follows the coastline from northern to central Portugal, all while discovering the cultural and natural beauties of this region. The route starts at Porto, a vibrant city full of history and culture to unveil. It is a renowned place for its Port wine and cellars. It is also classified by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. On the way, you'll cross the São Jacinto Dunes Natural Reserve and the Riade Aveiro, on the estuary of Vouga River, which marks this region and follows you to Aveiro; our little Venice with its typical moliceiro boats. As you head further south, the route will cross pine tree forests and the dunes allowing you to enjoy some peace and quiet, during which you canchoose to stop in the small beaches to have adrink and contemplate the immense sea

 Day by Day

 Day 1 - Pick up and reception 

Welcome to Porto! Our guide will transfer you from the airport to this amazing city which has something mystical that is difficult to describe. It is for your own eyes tosee! Take the rest of the day off to experience the city, taste the food,reach the sightseeing spots and interact with the lovely people. This is where your journey begins.

Accommodation in Porto 

 Day 2 - From Porto to Espinho 22 Km

Porto to Espinho

Distance: 22 km - Level: easy

Elevation gain 100 m

Accommodation in Espinho - Sol verde SPA Hotel

On day one, you will start biking at the town center, head down somenarrow streets and then arrive to an old train station. Do not forget to visit it and to take a second and appreciate the slow andquiet life of the countryside of Portugal. As you follow the train tracks tothe sweet water aquarium, you will have an opportunity to discover morefantastic scenery of rivers and lakes! Then, you will be making your wayto Pavia and the landscape will most certainly not disappoint. Pavia is anold town with a traditional architectural style and atmospher.

 Day 3 - Espinho to Aveiro 64 Km

Espinho to Aveiro
Distance: 64 km – Level: medium
Elevation gain 200 m
Accommodation in Aveiro - Moliceiro Hotel

Another fresh day by the sea! You will also have some magnificent pine tree forests to cross and enjoysome easy, flat roads leading you to Ria de Aveiro. The Ria de Aveiro is ashallow coastal lagoon connected to the Atlantic Ocean. It's unique mesotidal wetland area has several branches forming islands and is an absolute pleasure to ride along to. You will then arrive at the dune system of São Jacinto, an incredible natural reserve home to many valuable species and the perfect place to watch some wildlife! At last, this is whereyou will catch the ferry that will take you to our own little Portuguese Venice, Aveiro

Day 4 - From Aveiro to Mira 42 Km

Aveiro to Mira
Distance: 42 km – Level: easy
Elevation gain 200 m
Accommodation in Aveiro - Maçarico Hotel

As you leave Aveiro, you will head down a path that crosses a land of ponds, where salt is extracted by an old traditional method passed down through generations. As you head on, you will arrive at a dock in which you can view the harbour and some old codfish boats. After, you will cross the main bridge and arrive in Barra Village. From here, you will follow south through the bicycle path which avoids the open road and traffic. The scenery during this path will be from the Ria itself. However, as you arrive to the end of itthe landscape will begin to change into small fields and vegetable gardens right up until Mira beach.


Day 5 - From Praia de Mira to Figueira da Foz 61 Km

Praia de Mira to Figueira da Foz
Distance: ca. 61km – Level: medium
Elevation gain 500 m

Accommodation in Figueira da Foz - Swet Atlantic Hotel

 A day of solitude crossing one of the biggest dune systems which iscovered by a pine tree forest.Here you can feel the nature and listen to the silence while cyclingthrough this immense green scenery. By the end, you'll go up Serra daBoa Viagem (Good Journey Hill), a massif made of jurassic limestoneswith a great spot to view the Atlantic on its summit! You will finish bygoing down to the lighthouse of Cape Mondego and continue onto thetouristic town of Figueira da Foz, known for its enormous beach front.

Day 6 - From Figueira da Foz to São Pedro de Moel 65 Km

Figueira da Foz to São Pedro de Moel
Distance: ca. 65 km – Level: medium
Elevation gain 400 m

Accommodation in São Pedro de Moel - Hotel Mar e Sol

 The day starts crossing the bridge over the Mondego River and for some kilometres you will follow a once important road (N109) until you reach Carriço.There, you will enter the cycling path named the Atlantic Way, where you will be once more surrounded by a pine forest and its pleasant scent. The forest is also a symbol of Portugal's history as it was planted in the 14th century to build a fleet for the adventurous Portuguese discoverers. As you make your way, you will pass by some small beaches, some of which are entirely deserted, making for a peaceful stop. Places such as Pedrogão, Vieira Beach and São Pedro de Moel are a sort of oasis in a countryside covered with pine forest dune.

Day 7 - Transfer to Porto or Lisbon

This is it! The day has come to take back all the incredible memories you have made and new interesting things you discovered.It has most definitely been a great adventure and we truly want you to come back and discover some more of Portugal. 


01-01-2020 to 26-05-2020  1.055€   single supplement 390€

27-05-2020 to 26-06-2020  1.095€   single supplement 410€

27-06-2020 to 26-09-2020  1.416€   single supplement 450€

27-09-2020 to 31-12-2020  1.055€   single supplement 390


hybrid bikes 100€
e-bikes 200€
road bike 150€

Map of the Tour


  • Transfer from the Porto airport to the hotel in Porto and from São Pedro de Moel to Porto/Lisbon
  • Accommodation 6 nights - 3*/4* Hotels and Charming Lodge
  • Luggage transport from accommodation to accommodation
  • Assistance during the 6 cycling days
  • GPS device with tracks
  • Personal accident Insurance
  • Transfer from S Pdero de Moel to Lisbon airport, price upon request.


Easy - Very few hills and the existing
hills are not steep.
Medium - Some hills that are not
steep or only few hills but steep.
Difficult - Several hills of all types.
The participants should take into
account the terrain and the km/miles
of each route and be sure to check in
advance that they are in good physical
condition to do it.